Mold Remediation Prescott Valley AZ

Dry Systems Restoration offers mold removal and remediation services in Prescott Valley, AZ. We offer immediate emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When our mold removal specialists first arrive we will thoroughly inspect the damaged area to ensure a precise assessment of the problem. We use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to determine the cause of the damage. Our moisture detection equipment allows us to find the cause of the damage if it is unknown. There are times that multiple sources are the culprit to the damage, and we will advise on how to fix these problems. The cause(s) need to be addressed first before the mold removal process begins.

Black Mold Remediation

Following our assessment we begin the mold remediation process. We will first contain the area to ensure mold spores do not travel to unaffected areas, and place the area under negative pressure with a powerful air filtration device. We then remove any affected materials, bagging and disposing of them properly to EPA standards. We will sand and seal any affected floor joists, or wall studs. We cleanse the entire contained area with HEPA vacuums, and wet wash all surfaces with an antimicrobial cleaning agent. Once we ensure everything is clean and sanitary we will dry the area to ensure any excess moisture is removed to prevent future mold problems.

Mold Prevention

There are many reasons why mold can grow but the main two are – 1) the presence of moisture and 2) a food source. Mold will feed on anything organic, carpet fiber, drywall, paper, and food. The spread of mold throughout your home or business is something that can be prevented. The greater majority of the mold removal and remediation projects we render are due to small water leaks that are left unaddressed. These small leaks or problems can spread very quickly and turn into very expensive repairs. Mold can also be caused by not properly mitigating or repairing a previous water damage. Moisture can hide in many places and it can travel to unexpected areas and this is where we come in. Not only do we offer the best mold removal service in Prescott Valley AZ, but we also offer a premium Water Damage Restoration service.

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