Water Damage Restoration Prescott Valley AZ

We offer a fast 1 hour response time water damage restoration in Prescott Valley AZ. Upon our arrival we first want to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your home so we have some safety precautions we take:

1) We inspect your home for structural damage. We want to make sure the home is safe to be occupied for you, your family, and our staff. We will notify you immediately of any concerns.
2) We wear personal protective equipment(PPE) such as suits, respirators, boots, and gloves.
3) We regularly inspect our equipment for thermally protected motors, ground plugs, and fray in the cords.
4) We post signs to prevent cross contamination and to prevent and slip and falls.

Inspect & Assess Damage

By mapping out affected areas and contents using moisture detection equipment, a certified and trained estimator is able to determine what is wet and how wet. Relative humidity and moisture levels in the air and contents of your home will also be documented. We will protect and move affected contents to a safe environment to prevent secondary damage to these items. You may not realize that excessive humidity can cause moisture to travel into dry areas in your home. Not only can this broaden the scope of work, but it can damage your furniture, pictures, and other valuable items.

Clean Contaminated Areas

We are trained to identify whether or not water is contaminated. We will flush the areas with 200 degree water and at times we will apply an anti-microbial agent. Anti-microbial agents are used to deodorize, sanitize, and prevent mold growth. Children, elderly people, and others with weak immune systems or respiratory problems can get sick from strong chemicals such as antimicrobials. We will advise if any safety precautions are needed.

Extract Water & Remove Non-Salvageable Items

Our powerful truck-mounted extraction machines produce high CFMs (cubic feet per minute) to remove water, reduce humidity, and accelerate the drying process by 1200 times! We maintain a large inventory of extraction tools and can provide bulk extraction to remove the water quickly!

Structural Drying & Mold Growth Prevention

Not only will we install specialty drying equipment, but we will remove non-restorable materials such as drywall, insulation, baseboards, linoleum, etc. We do this in order to increase the rate of drying. A certified and trained estimator will inspect your home regularly to ensure that your home is drying as quickly as possible. In addition the scope of work, relative humidity of the air, moisture content levels, and overall drying progress will be documented. Digital pictures are taken for evidence of the affected areas, structural damage, and damaged contents if applicable.

Manage Project From Beginning to End

A project manager is assigned to manage your restoration project from start to finish. We recognize the importance of staying in touch with you to make sure our services are completed seamlessly and in a timely professional manner. Your project manager will contact you regularly to answer your questions or concerns, schedule appointments with various contractors, and resolve issues.

Call us at 928-759-5561 if you need water damage restoration in Prescott Valley AZ